What would you say?

DrF: Uncanny. The boy knows me like a book. I pretty much think the same goes for Joel.

M: If someone asked you what your band sounded like, what would you say?

J: ah, Good.

M: No i mean, like...

J: Oh, if somebody asked me what my band sounded like I'd say..."duh"

Dr.F: It kinda goes "1,2,3,4 Garr raa(a bunch or guitar sounds impossible to capture in type) This is a song about a girl (more guitar noise)."

M: If your grandma asked you what kind of band you are in, what would you say?

J: My grandma still thinks Im going to school.

Dr.F: You say a punk rock band and they say, "oh dear, how can you stand those people?"

M: And for people in the scene would you say a cross between The Ramones and The Buzzcocks?

Dr.F: You know, I don't think that's really what we sound like. But that was always the general intention. I don't know what it's like... thats a really hard question to answer. It's not like wer'e really unique or anything, there's lots of bands that play pop songs, thats for sure. This is just the one that we do.

M: Somebody told me the other day that you are going to be covering the fourth Ramones album, Road to Ruin.

DrF: Yeah.

M: When is that going to come out?

DrF: Well, we havent done it yet. Our plan is to record it in December and it will come out a couple months later probably. We're sort of stalling on it.

J: You have excellent sources though.

DrF: We haven't learned all the songs yet.

M: I was kind of hoping you guys would play some tonight.

DrF: We do sometimes. You can't play them all every time.

M: You can sing capella in the recorder...

J: We've sorta been contemplating the idea of melodies. Combining our songs...

Dr.F: Lance from J Church advised me that if we did a melody of the old favorites, that we could take care of the right away and then move on to the other stuff. And that's what J Church does apparently. It's kind of vagary. I raised the issue with these guys and we all decided that's way to much trouble.

J: To much hard work.

Dr.F: More trouble than it's worth. So we just end up playing as many songs as we can and accept that there are people that are going to be bitter disappointed 'cause we didn't play their favorite song. Maybe even belligerent and angry. Violent and dangerous.

J: Stony stares at the back of our heads.

Dr.F: You just have to live with it.

M: Yeh, I wasn't staring, but I was yelling Sex Offender for a long time, and you made me really happy. So thanks a lot.

Dr.F: One of those rare times at it all comes together and Wow. When that happens you got it all.

M: Do you guys have any idea what gravy boat is?

J: A gravy boat?

Dr.F: Yes.