Wait a minute

M: Well that's the name of the fanzine, Geek America. (there's lots of chaos about geeks, dorks, and "I'm not a...")

Dr.F: Ah, hah, now we see an alterative agenda.

J: I don't claim any kinship to you..dweeb. I was cool in high school, I swear.

Dr.F: He's probably correct. I don't really remember high school, I blocked it out of my life.

J: High school isn't that far behind me.

M: How old are you?

J: I'm...12. Plus...

Dr.F: I am his legal guardian. The state has remained him to me to.

M: Like a Woody Allen, legal guardian?

J: Frank, is actually old enough to be my actual biological father.

M: How old you, Frank?

Dr.F: 31 (Anthony and myself try and do the math)

J: I am at the legal age of consent.

M: But under legal drinking age?

J: Absolutely, but you ever see me in your local tavern or club.. I am 23. And if you don't I'm 18.

Geek Matt: Did Joel and Jim play on the song on the Kill the Rock Stars comp?

J: Yes, I did. We recorded five songs before the Lp with the current line up. To of them ended up on the vinyl issue of the Altetative Is Here To Say/ New Girl Friend single, the third was a bonus track on the CD of that same release, one is on a English import spilt 7" with Goober Patrol, and last is the Slice of Lemon/ Kill the Rock Stars. Everything else we recorded is going to be on the new Lp, Love Is Dead, which is 16 previously unreleased songs. That's pretty much exsasted most of the catalog, but Frank is most prolific and is coming up with new gems every day.

Dr.F: I have nothing better to do.

Geek Anthony: How do you guys feel about your new record? Do like it as much as the others?

J: It's pretty good.

Dr.F: Get it and see what you think. It's hard to say, but it's pretty good.

J: My parents, I gave them a copy and they listened to it. And my father told me he was very proud of me.

GA: Are they supportive?

J: My parents are bedding punk rockers. They come and sell merchandise at shows, they're doing a promotional blitz for a show the show we're playing in my home town on this tour. I very glad they are supportive of me because it would make it a lot harder if they weren't. I know that others people's parents are always to understanding that they're children want to be in punk rock bands. And take you out of collage to tour. I'm lucky to have such loving and caring, forward thinking folks as mine. So mom and dad, if you're reading this...thank you. (long silence by everybody) And if that's not geeky enough...

M: Geeze, after an I love you mom and dad...

Dr.F: Yeah, what more can you say.

M: Despite the perfect time to end the long interview I got one more, when we were talking earlier I got the impression that you guys don't think much of the LA scene?

Dr.F: Well, no, we....

M: I know that you didn't say it, but.

J: You can tell it was in my eyes, yeah. Well all I can say is I've been all around this great big world, well.. at least this great big nation, and you see them that look pretty much the same in every town. They're always have the Fat Records (I refurse to spell "record" the way they do) T-shirts that's a couple sizes to big, and they have they're Airwalks and backward baseball caps and chain wallets. It's kind of comforting to be able to cruse into any town and see the little people hanging out in front of they're little club, looking exactly the same. But there are still two places in America that people still care about their parents and have little bit of flare and are stand apart from the back are New York and Los Angeles. So can give you all credit for straying from the flock when it comes to.. you're aesthetic.

M: Actually, we're not even LA, we're Orange County. We're the white bread. We're the suburbanites.

Dr. F: Yeah I noticed none of you were transvestites, unless. (he points to Catrina. Everybody laughs for a while) So yeah, so clearly

J: There are no vinyl pants in this room,

M: Exactly, and that's all I gotta say.

J: You can write to us at 48 Shattuck Sq. #48, Berkeley, CA 94704 and we'll write you back. And don't let anything happen to you guys because we can't afford to loose anybody who's even slightly interested in us.

Dr.F: And my final words are: Love is like oxygen. If you get too much, you get too high. Not enough and you're gonna die. Love get's you high.

The Mr. T Experience would also like you to know they order milk for after every show because they are a healthy band and a healthy band is a good band.