I'm not a sports guy

Dr.F: I don't really understand the... I'm not a sports guy.

J: Yeh, I know, neither of us are very athletic.

Dr.F: But what it means it "oh, boy that's a tough one, I couldn't tell ya."

M: (I realize we did not introduce ourselves, so I give off our names. I still don't know why, I guess it was the talking about sports, I introduced Matt and let it be known that he played high school football, which we haven't done for a long time. I'm sorry Matt).

Dr.F: (to Matt) Oh really, so you're no stranger to the word, "Touchdown".

Geek Matt: I never made one.

Geek Mike: Could you guys ever see you're selves on a major label?

J: I can't see one wanting us.

Dr.F: No, nah. What would that mean? There would some damage to the space time continuum, and we would all have tails or something, it would terrible, horrible.

J: We would rip apart..

Both of them: The very fabric of reality..

Dr.F: As we know it. So, yes, let's just not even think about it. It's to terrifying, to unspeakable to contemplate. A little chill there.

M: Do you guys like being on Lookout then?

Dr.F: Yeh, it's like you're folks. It's hard to move out, sometimes you just want to keep living at home forever. No matter how many bad records you make, they'll always let you make another one. It's a beauty to that. You can't fault them for that.

J: I like being on Lookout. You might even say I have a trench of pride. If we had warm up jackets, I'd probably wear one. If we had a softball team that played other indie labels, I'd probably play on it.

Dr.F: We would lose.

J: Yeh, us against SST..

Dr.F: But Ben Weasel could beat up the other team if they started to get ahead.

J: Ben Weasel would get dust on the umpire.

Geek Anthony: That's a funny thought.

M: Everything I hear about this guy is so bad.

J: Ben's a sweetheart.

Dr.F: But he's got a mean left hook.

M: Are you sure you're not saying that so he doesn't kick your ass.

J: That's a sticky wicket.

M: You guys have the occasional surfy, instrumental song. Is the because.. just because or do you listen to surf and spy-tech, aside from the Hi-Fives, of coarse.

Dr.F: I like surf music, I like guitar instrumental like Link Ray. But we don't play like that, it's just no in us. Our instrumental songs are songs I can't think of words for. And it comes time to record, so we play them as instrumental.

M: What about like Surfin' Cow?

Dr.F: That was Jon's song.

J: I pretty sure the two you're think of were written be Jon Von, but we do actually have another instrumental we just did.

M: Like Bridge of Taribithia?

Dr.F: That one, there were word to it, but they weren't that good. Actually, that song wasn't originally supposed to be a guitar song, but I wanted to try and find someones to go "La la la la la (to the tune of that song)", but it'd work out.

J: It would have sounded like the Smurfs's. But in a good way, I like the Smurfs''s.

M: What were you guys like in high school?

J: Ah, what you see is what you get.

Dr.F: Yeah, as you see me now.

M: Geeks?

Both of them: Nah. Hey.