The great Mr.T

On Nov. 10th 1995, a friday night, I had the immense pleasure of seeing the great Mr. T Experience, an amazing three piece, Bay Area band from Lookout! records, at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood. Afterward the pleasure was extended when a few friends (Dr. Anthony Cosmo, Laundromatt, and Catrina Immature) and myself (Mike Immature) were allowed to go up to the lounge and have a wild orgy with two of the band members. Being the genius I am, I forgot my camera, but anyway, the moans and screams went something like this:

Mike: Okay, lets start with names and instruments.

Dr Frank: Dr frank, guitar and singing...vocals. And Joel...

Joel: Bass and kinda back up singing. And I guess Jim, our illustrious third member, who's absent.

M: Jym's new isn't he?

J: Not as new as me.

Dr.F: Jym's been playing with us for about two years. Joel's with us since January.

M (to Joel): So you haven't even recorded a full album yet?

J: We sure have.. Frank, why don't you tell the story?

Dr.F: Our new record we just finished comes out in January. (I hand him the recorder and we go through a huge ordeal trying to work it) Our new album, LOVE IS DEAD, on Lookout records comes out in January and we just finished recording it and it's the first Lp that Joel and Jim played on of the Mr. T Experience.

J: A labor of love. Blood, sweat and tears.

Dr.F: Yes, it was a growing experience.

J: I feel we all learned a little.

Dr.F: We learned something..

J: About life.

Dr.F: Bringing it in to the world and I feel we're better people for it. We're pretty self actualized these days, so I should warn you.

J: I think the whole world can benefit from...

Dr.F: Dianetics. Yes, I agree. So what else do you want to ask about?

M: Over the years, Ive noticed your Style has changed a bit. I guess this is for you (Dr. Frank). Is it from being more talented, or is it because you are better musicians?

Dr.F: Well, it's interesting to say the style has changed. I don't really think of it that way. At first we just weren't able to do it that well. My intention was always to make a.. basically a cross between the Buzzcocks and the Ramones, but it didn't ever really come out that way, because we werent talented enough to accomplish it. and so it turned out to be something else. And we had some, pardon my french, some fuck-up in the band who didn't know how to play. But now we can do what we want to do. And ironically, there are a lot of people who like the old inept band to the current, more ept.

J: Barely ept. but we try to.

Dr.F: But the style, in my idea hasn't changed. The thing that has changed is the song writing has gotten better because I started trying harder. That's one thing I can say for sure. And we got a good drummer now, that makes a huge difference.

M: What would a dream date with Dr. Frank be like?

Dr.F: Well..(a girl walks in and Frank looks afraid to answer the question. We stall until she leaves) Geez, I think that that question is not probably asked of the...

J: I can answer that. I think a dream date with Dr. Frank..

M: Or a dream date with Joel.

J: No, I mean now you are changing the rules. We can answer for one another. I think that a quiet evening with Frank, candle light dinner, microwave Stouffer's lean cuisine, cable TV, Bud Light.

M: A serenade on the guitar? A walk on the beach?

J: No, I think just... Baywatch