My gravy boat

M: No, not the Thanksgiving kind of gravy boat. Okay, a gravy boat is when a person shits down their partners throat. It's a bit gross, but some people.

Dr.F: Really?...

J: (Joel blushes) You can put in parties that I am blushing.

Dr.F: Joel's tender ears... My tender ears. My God, man.

M: Well the question is, if a girl asked you to give her a gravy boat, would you?

Dr.F: I don't even like talking about it.

J: Call me old fashion, but..No.

Dr.F: It's not hip these days to say it, but I'll come right out and say it: "Ick".

M: Don't worry, this interview would have been over if you had said yes..

Dr.F: We could have said, "Is that a serious offer?"

J: You asking?

M: Next question. How do you guys feel about the whole punk rock trend? Bands like Green Day and Offspring are all big. And now they on the football team, Screeching Weasel is their favorite band.

Dr.F: That phenomenon you just described happens to punk rock every five years. It's happened to rock n roll... I mean, I'm torn between saying that's just the way it is, grow up and except it. Now there will be other dumb little bands that will take the place of the big bands, because people want to feel elitist and self satisfied. On the other hand, I hate all those people as much as everybody else does. And I really wouldn't mind if... Basically, I kinda would just like to be the only person left on the planet, get rid of everybody else, just me and a good looking woman, a satellite dish, and maybe a dog. Then I'd be happy.

J: I think what Frank's to say it that: this a Sticky Wicket.

Dr.F: That's what I was reaching for. The word, Sticky. And the word: Wicket. Combined.

M: I've never heard that phrase before, you'll have to elaborate on that.

Dr.F: Well it's kinda like gravy boat, except...

J: If a girl asks you to give her a sticky wicket...

Dr.F: Run!

J: Screaming.

Dr.F: What I mean is that I'm torn between despising the impulse of elitism and wanting to be an elitist. This is and unresolvable quandary. So...

J: You're a complex man.

Dr.F (laughs): Yeh, so I don't know..

J: Quandary. Q-U-A-N-D-A-R-Y.

Dr.F: Yeh that's the one with two humps, I think.

J: Like the girl. If she asks you to engage her in a quandary...

Dr.F: Run from the room. But frankly, you know, it's a help to the unsuccessful bands like us that there are successful ones playing the same kind of music, because it's sort of a third hand to get shows.

Both of them: The trickle down effect.

J: And it certain is hard to be bitter at your own fans whether or not they're Johnny Come-lately. It's a lot easier to step back and play punker than that. It's a sticky wicket.

Dr.F: Sticky Wicket, I think that describes it.

M: So you don't want to be to cool or to punk for everybody, but...

Dr.F: We'll you see the phrase comes from the British game of cricket. And as I understand it you're supposed to.. it's this crazy version of baseball where you, have to hit the ball into this.. ah, yes.

Geek Anthony (Frank calls on Anthony with his hand up): Baseball is actually a version of cricket.

Dr.F: I stand corrected by the young man in the leather jacket and The Potatomen button. Well which ever came first, the cricket or the baseball. What you're supposed to do his hit the ball into this thing called a wicket, I don't know, and if it's sticky it's a lot harder to do.

J: We understand you very well, give yourself more credit.